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Leslie and Sherlock having a blast at Bodega Bay


Leslie has always been a dog lover but her love turned to insanity on a frozen February morning in Reno, NV.  The previous year, Leslie’s husband had convinced her to agree to move from Orange County, CA to the San Francisco Bay Area under the condition that he would ‘consider getting a dog’.  Little did the family know, that was the green light for Leslie to go dog shopping.  After months of research and conversations with reputable breeders, Leslie settled on a Vizsla and the wait began for her puppy to arrive.

As the family waited for news from our chosen breeder as to when a litter would be available, the family discussed names over dinner, in the car, in the morning, and every waking hour of the day.  The short list of names contained “Dodger” in honor of dad’s love affair with the L.A. Dodgers, “Noodle” because it was a funny name, “Momma’s Boy” because Leslie had already gone dog crazy, and “Turbo”…the decision process was agonizing.  Then one night, after watching Benedict Cumberbatch redefine the roll of the world’s greatest detective, we settled on Sherlock (Sherlock’s fancy AKC name is Red Ryder’s Baker Street Widowmak’r).

At long last the day finally came!  We traveled to Reno to meet our future family member and the following day, he arrived.



Sherlock rode the entire three hours back to the Bay Area in Leslie’s lap and to this day, it’s rare to see one without the other.  Leslie’s dog craziness has resulted in training, making special treats, dog shows, equipment, and all manner of dog stuff…..she’s barking mad (see what I did there?)  As a result, we decided to stop fighting it and share Leslie’s love of all things dog with the world and thus, Mr. Wigglebutt.com was born!

We welcome comments and feedback so feel free to reach out 🙂

Sherlock says welcome
Sherlock says welcome

11 thoughts on “About Leslie & Sherlock, the Creators of Mr Wigglebutt.com

  1. Such a cute BLOG… I think I should join you and do a CAT blog…… 🙂 Sherlock is the cutest ever….I’m so glad he is spoiled. The way it should be with animals they should be part of your family.

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