Ruff Tough Kennel

Ruff Tough Kennel


Ruff Tough Kennel has finally arrived!  I have been doing quite a bit of research and talking to multiple people at Hunt Tests regarding their kennels and opinions about their Kennels.  The Ruff Tough Kennel has far and away been a crowd favorite.

Something else that sold me on the Ruff Tough Kennel?  Check out this 30 second video.

Another thing?  MADE IN THE USA!  That’s right Mr. Wigglebutt friends, I like to support companies that manufacture in the USA!

Ruff Tough Kennels come in a variety of sizes – from small dogs to the big guys.  The kennels are one piece construction, I think this is great and it is stronger because it doesn’t come apart.  Maybe slightly less convenient for storage, but I don’t ever plan on putting it away.  I researched this crate and decided to purchase the Large size instead of the Intermediate crate because this will also double as Sherlock’s home crate.

Sherlock's corner - Crate, Cozy Cave, and basket of toys.
Sherlock’s corner – Crate, Cozy Cave, and basket of toys.

I decided on the crate with double doors for more ventilation and for the ease of once it’s in my car I have a couple options of where Sherlock will enter and exit.  The Large size double door kennel comes with two rows of ventilation holes.  I worry about Sherlock getting hot, so I paid a little extra for more ventilation holes.  Necessary?  Probably not, makes me feel better?  Most definitely.

Another cool feature?  The doors can be opened from either side, smart someone in their design department is a practical thinker.

20160525_143532 20160525_143559

Additional Accessories?  Yes, there are a bunch.  What did I get?  Other than the Double Door and additional Ventilation holes I ordered the Handles.  I was concerned that I would need some sort of power tool to attach the handles (which would mean I’d have to buy more equipment), but, not necessary!  The handles are screwed in with a hand screw (something I own) it was so easy, my kids could have attached them.  Why handles?  Well, I’m barely 5’2″ and it would be awkward for me to move it without them.


Ohhh, I also ordered a Mud River Crate Cushion.  Why?  It’s easy to clean (spray hose off) after Sherlock runs through the mud.  Made with a Heavy-duty poly shell, Industrial strength, non-skid bottom, Whip-stitch for durability, and Close cell foam padding.

This gooey mud, doesn't come off very easily and stains. The Mud River Crate Cushion can handle it and clean off easily.
This gooey mud, doesn’t come off very easily and stains. The Mud River Crate Cushion can handle the grossness and still clean up nicely.


There are also water trays, tie down kits, coupler kits (to attach more than one crate to another so they don’t bounce around in the back of your car), and a top tray.  I can see the benefit of these accessories, but I decided to stick with the basics to start.

Do I have any regrets?  No.  But, I did hand palm my own face, I measured my new Sherlock mobile before ordering this crate and with my third row down, the footprint is perfect.  My error?  I didn’t take into consideration the curve of the back hatch.  AGH!  The crate needs to go in sideways to shut the back which leaves me minimal room for anything else.  I guess it’s a good thing I’ve already installed roof racks for a cargo box for extra hauling.  Hmmm, maybe I need to buy a little trailer.

20160525_143448 (1)
I don’t know if you can tell by this photo, but the door won’t close.
Sideways the door can close, but I don’t have any room for all my other gear/equipment for our adventures.

My solution?  Don’t bring the rest of the family with me and I can put the second row down too and have plenty of room for Sherlock’s stuff.  Haha, kidding, sort of.  Or, (shhhh, don’t tell the Editor In Chief) I may buy an Intermediate size for short car rides.  That makes sense, right???

Where did I order the Ruff Tough Kennel and Mud River Crate Cushion?

Ken and Janet own and operate they are huge dog lovers and own and train bird dogs.  Besides trying to order products manufactured in the USA I also do my best to support small businesses.  But, this doesn’t mean I don’t research pricing I also am mindful of the $$$.  I compared quite a few places where I could order the Ruff Tough Kennel from.  What I found?  Beware, some websites will advertise insane low pricing on the kennel, but they make it up with outrageous shipping charges.  At (I’ve also ordered Sherlock’s Outfox Mask see previous post  ) shipping on the Ruff Tough Kennel is free.  I am also a member of their Rewards program so from previous points I was able to cash in and save some money.  I buy enough dog stuff to make it worth it to earn discounts on future purchases, something to consider.


Overall?  Two Paws Up on the Ruff Tough Kennel!


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored/paid post.  All posts and opinions are always my own.  I truly do get excited when I discover something that I love and am happy to share it with you.  Thank you for your visits and making Mr. Wigglebutt’s adventures a part of your day.




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