Heatwave – protect those paws

Heatwave – Protect Those Paws! In California we’re living in a drought and have officially been hit with summer weather.  Dogs don’t sweat like people, they pant and sweat through their paws pads to cool down (as discussed on petmd.com  http://www.petmd.com/dog/behavior/evr_dg_why_do_dogs_pant.) Not only do dogs risk heat stroke, but their sweet paws (Sherlock’s smell like […]

Heidi – Friend of Mr. Wigglebutt

Heidi – Friend of Mr. Wigglebutt Meet Heidi a 10 month old German Shorthaired Pointer – she’s a friend of Mr. Wigglebutt that lives on the lake (yes, on the lake, so lucky!) in South East Michigan.  Heidi is a faithful Instagram follower of @mr_wigglebutt and our blog.  Heidi’s favorite blog post is http://www.mrwigglebutt.com/rainy-day-activity-for-dogs/  Thanks, Heidi! Heidi […]

Dog Sports Designs – Slip Lead Leash

Slip Lead Leash by Dog Sports Designs For the last few weeks, Sherlock and I have been trying our latest leash from Dog Sports Designs.  A Slip Lead Leash, it’s an all in one collar, leash combo.  The leash comes in two lengths – 4′ or 6′.  It’s made of luxury leather that’s rolled with […]

Paw Cut

Paw Cut side note: the Feature Photo doesn’t have anything to do with Sherlock being injured.  But, the day after he cut his paw I headed up to Napa to pick up our wine shipment from Regusci.  My two favorite red pairings, wine and Mr. Wigglebutt. Last week Mr. Wigglebutt cut his paw on a […]