Mr. Wigglebutt Vacation – Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, California is one of my favorite places to visit especially during Spring, Summer or Fall seasons.  Haha, I guess I prefer not having to bundle in snow gear.  Fresh air, hiking, water sports, family fun time and DOG FRIENDLY!

If you have an adventure dog, Lake Tahoe is a place you should consider spending some time exploring.

My morning coffee view was always the back of Sherlock's head.
My morning coffee view was always the back of Sherlock’s head.


Unless I shared my peanut butter toast.
Unless I shared my peanut butter toast.


North Shore Lake Tahoe
North Shore Lake Tahoe  I’m never fast enough to keep up with Sherlock


Pictures are boring!


Early morning on the dock.
Early morning on the dock.

The water level has been low this summer on Lake Tahoe.  I’ve considered getting Sherlock into Dock Diving where your dog’s jump off of a dock is measured.  I was really happy that I haven’t done because I would have been stressed the whole time he’d jump and that he would have landed in shallow water on the rocks.  Nope, no dock diving for us, at least until California gets some serious rain and the Lake level goes WAY up.

The morning is my favorite time on Lake Tahoe because the water is so calm, as people say “just like glass.”  The saying is true and it’s the time I can be on the water without getting sick.  I know, I’m a total wuss.


Chuck it balls float and the bright orange color is easy to spot.
Chuck it balls float and the bright orange color is easy to spot.


Sand Castle helper? destroyer?


Video link Mr. Wigglebutt swimming

Kayaking with Sherlock


13925588_10209546625084378_7656468448625999173_o (1)
Stand Up Paddle Board with Sherlock.   I couldn’t go out without him and he is well balanced.  He only jumped off if there were ducks to swim after and I was happy to see his recall in the water was fantastic.  If you’re on the lake and want to rent a Stand Up Paddle Board give Jeff at Tahoe Paddle Board a call.  He delivered/picked up the boards at the house and is really nice, support a local business!  Jeff 530-386-5467

My whole family, Sherlock included enjoyed the mornings on the Lake and afternoon adventures off the Lake.

Boat Works is an open “mall” with a few shops and restaurants check out Tahoe City Chocolates they have everything from a chocolate bar to imported candies, ice cream and tons of gummie candys (oh yea!)

Note above, it was in the afternoon and the asphalt was too hot for Sherlock.  But, that didn’t stop us from taking him shopping with us. (see previous post with estimates of how much hotter the asphalt than you’d think.)


Meal Time


Lunch at Char Pit
Lunch at Char Pit

Char Pit is a family favorite of ours.  Super casual, out door picnic tables and dog friendly.  There is an extensive burger menu and they have delicious onion rings.  I recommend skipping dessert here and you’ll see why…


Because we love ice cream –

Cable Car Ice Cream!
Cable Car Ice Cream!


Cable Car Ice Cream is a cute walk up stand with changing flavors of Ice Cream.  It’s a must visit when on the North Shore for my kids and Sherlock.  Sharing is caring and Sherlock can patiently wait a long time for the last lick.

Late afternoons are always spent relaxing.  Isn’t that what you do during Happy Hour?

Relaxing on the deck with my pal.


Happy Hour can also be spent napping.
Happy Hour can also be spent napping.  The perfect way to end a vacation day.

Summer vacation has ended, school and soccer has started…  We’ll be back Lake Tahoe!

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