Junior Hunter – we did it!

AKC – Junior Hunter Title – JH

I am having a difficult time containing my excitement.  Sherlock and I have been working together for about a year training to test for his Junior Hunter title.  And, I’m thrilled to say – WE DID IT!  (Happy Dance!)

Saturday was Sherlock’s third test – found, pointed, and held his point beautifully.  I’ve been told he has a stylish point like his dad, Django.  That makes me smiley.

The weather was hot, but there was also a nice breeze which is helpful for the dog to find the scent of the bird.  (see previous post about the scent cone)  Half way through the test I saw a bird running around in circles all spastic.  Thankfully, Sherlock was already on point on another bird and didn’t notice the one in the distance having a party.  I flushed the bird, fired my gun and Orange Ribbon earned!

Mr. Wigglebutt patiently waits for his brace (turn)


Pass #3 Sassy Ear!


Post hunt test, cooling off Sherlock chasing his half sister Olive


Sunday we were up and at ’em at 4:30am (I couldn’t sleep.)  The temperature was quite a bit warmer on Sunday and the air was still.  Sweaty me and I wanted to make sure Sherlock didn’t over heat.  There are tubs of water at the start line and usually before you cross into the bird field.  I’ve seen a lot of people dunk their dogs into the tub, I prefer to have him jump in on his own and wet his coat.  Wet paws and bellies help keep them cool while charging through the brush.

After the test, Sherlock cooling off and hydrating.
After the test, Sherlock cooling off and hydrating.

The lack of wind had me worried that it would be harder for Sherlock to find birds.  Not really.  His first bird he “bumped” which means he didn’t stop and point it, he charged through the brush and the bird took off.  I’ve learned you still blank (fire) the gun so the judge can see that your dog isn’t gun shy.  I fumbled, but made it happen.  Next bird took a few minutes to find, but I couldn’t find it.  I’ve been told many times and need to remind myself “trust your dog.” So although it took me a minute to find the bird I kept looking and trusted he was on point with a live one.  HE WAS, the bird was well hidden in a bush.  I was happy he continued to hold his point, my cuddle bunches!    I’m proud of the lil bugger and myself for getting out to the field and earning his JH title together.

Celebration swim with his favorite buddies – Dixy, Sherlock, Grady, and Olive.


Sherlock is now – Red Ryder’s Baker Street Widowmak’r JH

Whether you have a pointing breed that can hunt, a speedy dog that likes to run agility, or a dog that likes long walks, I think it’s great to get out and do activities together with your pooch.

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6 thoughts on “Junior Hunter – we did it!

  1. Congratulations!!! We have been doing training with Lincoln, but I’m worried that he will want to play with his brace mate when we go out for a test. He LOVES LOVES LOVES other dogs and always wants to play. Did you have any issues with that?

    1. Thank you! No, we didn’t have issues with playing. But I’ve seen lots of young dogs wanting to play. Most judges will recommend giving space which seems to work. I’m sure Lincoln will get out there and focus on the birds. Keep us posted on your progress. Good luck!!!

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