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A couple years back a friend (thank you Erynn!) introduced me to Gooddogbeds.  Gooddogbeds had a booth (the best dog products are at the dog shows see previous post about shopping at dog shows) at Woofstock, a dog show in Vallejo, California where everything is Peace, Music, and Love.

Carson the Whippet cuddling on his overnight say. Carson is one of Erynn’s dogs. Thank you Erynn for the fabulous introduction to Gooddogbeds!


You’ve never heard of Gooddogbeds?

At the Gooddogbeds booth I laid on a GIANT dog bed that I didn’t want to get off of because it was soft, comfy, and so plush!  Linda (owner of started her company because she was always disappointed in the quality of dog bedding on the market.  Auntie Linda, as she’s referred to by her loyal customers, dogs, and me, knocked it out of the park.  Not only does Gooddogbeds make dog beds, duh, but they also make crate pads, Baba’s (little blankets for dogs to carry around), Couch Beds, and Cubbys.  The products are washable, durable, and are high quality.

Always so warm and comfy.


The Cubby is what inspired me a to try to DIY a version for Sherlock.  As a power chewing (still is) puppy, I tried to make him a doggy sleeping bag (see previous post of the sleeping bag fail video).  Total DIY fail.  He merely chewed and carried the blanket around.  Eventually, it ended up making it’s way to the curb on trash day.  I now leave the blanket making to Auntie Linda.  Someday Sherlock will own his own Cubby, bed, crate pad (shhhh don’t tell the Editor in Chief one is on order), the whole collection.

Sherlock and Rayah sitting on Rayah’s cubby she brought over during her playdate. Gooddogbeds blanket draped over the couch.

And, here’s where I pat myself on the back and feel pretty smart.  I purchased a Gooddogbeds large 60″x 72″ blankets so, yes they’re for Sherlock, but I was also buying myself a gift.  Sure, Sherlock benefits from my purchases, we’re always together on the couch and he doesn’t like laying directly on leather.  But, if I were to have purchased a blanket only for Sherlock the Editor in Chief would have probably flipped his lid.  Instead, our first blanket was for the both of us and easily covers both of us.


When our first blanket (never the last purchase) arrived in the mail, I got a few side looks from both the Editor in Chief and our kids mocked me – called me the crazy dog lady (I don’t deny it).  That night everyone fought over the blanket, now who’s laughing.  As a result of the bickering we now have a few.  HaHa!  Everyone has their own and Sherlock (or his visiting dog friends) all enjoy super cuddly soft blankets.

Sherlock with his very own Desert Bunny Blanket. This is a size small, perfect for him.




Sherlock is sleeping next to me now on the couch with multiple Gooddogbeds blankets.

You can never have too many to cuddle with.



Super BONUS – these blankets feel like luxury and look like designer blankets.  And, even better they are machine washable.

Sherlock and Carson.   Carson is on the Gooddogbeds blanket that lives on our bed!



Content. Don’t you want to feel the way Sherlock looks?



In addition to being able to order online, if you live in Northern California, I have a little secret… Gooddogbeds will be here in a booth at Woofstock.  You can see Mr. Wigglebutt go around the show ring and purchase yourself and your pooch a gift.  June 8 – June 11, 2017 Woofstock 2017 Vallejo County Fairgrounds  I know I’ll be shopping!

Gooddogbeds is based in Southern California, a woman owned, small business that manufactures in the USA.  AWESOME!


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored/paid post.  All posts and opinions are always my own.  I am excited to share with you product that is high quality, functional, and I want to use.  Thank you for your visits and making Mr. Wigglebutt’s adventures a part of your day.

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