Dog Sports Designs Top Braid Softie Dog Collar and Diamondback Braided Leash – Product Review

Dog Sports Designs Top Braid Softie Collar and Diamondback Braided Leash

Last month, as we were gearing up to go to the Del Monte Kennel Club dog show (our favorite show because it’s in awesome Carmel, CA), our friends at Dog Sports Designs reached out and asked if we’d like to check out their new Top Braid Softie collar along with a customized four foot Diamondback Braided leash so Mr. Wigglebutt could roll in style in the coastal gem that is Carmel, CA.  Since we’re already huge fans of Dog Sports Designs gear, we agreed to give the new collar and diamondback leash a thorough test run and see if it looks and performs as well as their other leashes and collars.

We discussed colors with Valerie at Dog Sports Designs and decided on a red, white, and blue theme (I said Dodger colors, everyone else says patriotic).  A few days later, we got our package in the mail and couldn’t believe how cool the designs were and how much attention to detail had gone into their making!  The quality was clearly off the charts great, and the look was something that would clearly draw attention.

Check out that detail on the Top Braid Softie collar!


More hand crafted luxury with the Diamondback Braided leash!

We took one look at the leash and collar and knew right away we’d be the envy of our friends at the dog show!  The real question was:  How do the leash and collar perform, especially out on the streets around other dogs and people.  Well, we were off to Carmel to find out!

Right off the bat, when we got to Carmel, we were surprised that regular people on the street asked us where we got the leash and collar.  I was surprised at how many people around town approached us.  We knew the leash and collar set would be attention getters as soon as we opened the package, but trust me when I say this, if you want your dog to be noticed, this leash and collar will do the trick!

Mr Wigglebutt showing his stuff at the Lafayette Kitchen and Cafe in downtown Carmel


Mr. Wigglebutt and his new gear getting ready for happy hour at the famous Cypress Inn

So, looks and quality aside, how did the Top Softie collar and Diamondback Braided leash perform?

Top Softie Collar:  The Top Softie is a wider and more substantial collar than most people are used to.  I measured Mr. Wigglebutt’s other collars and they’re both 3/4 inch wide while the Top Softie is a full 1 inch wide.  Also, the Top Softie weighs 4.15 ounces while our other Dog Sports Design collar (see previous post on the braided diamondback collar) weighs 3.0 ounces.  So you can see, the Top Softie is a more substantial collar for your dog.

“So what” you ask?

The answer is, we noticed using a leather martingale (see previous post Dog Sports Designs Braided Martingale) and the Top Softie collar at the same time felt like there was a little too much going on.  So, if you’re going to use a martingale and the Top Softie, we at Mr. Wigglebutt recommend a chain choker, but we don’t like to use those on Mr. Wigglebutt’s precious neck.  On the other hand, if you want to roll with no martingale or choker, the Top Softie shines in the performance category because of the width.  The extra 1/4 inch in width makes it much harder for the dog’s neck to slip out of the collar if he sees a woodland creature and, if you’re going choker free, the extra size on the Top Softie collar provides more control over the dog when you have to reel him in.  Overall, we love the Top Softie collar and our recommendation is to use it on it’s own because that extra bit of girth on the collar does the trick for most dogs.  Style and control, baby…..that’s all anyone really wants, isn’t it?

Diamondback Braided Leather Leash (Four footer):  In spite of the fact that the hand braided Diamondback leash is absolutely stunning to look at, I have to admit, when I first took Mr. Wigglebutt out using the leash, I was skeptical.  I felt like holding the rope part of the leash was hard on my hand and it was difficult to control.  However, after a couple of runs on Ocean Avenue, I realized it was me.  I was holding it wrong, and once I got the grip right, I began to LOVE the Diamondback braided leash.  The four foot version is perfect for walking your dog on crowded sidewalks, because even if he jumps at something, he’s not going anywhere.  Also, because the leash is only four feet, it’s perfect to let your pooch check things out, but once you bring him back to your side, you don’t have 2+ feet of leash you have to reel in.  To me, a good looking leash is nice, but the control factor is overwhelmingly important.  Pics below demonstrate the proper holding technique (in my opinion) for the Braided Diamondback leash.  Now that I know how to hold it correctly, the Braided Diamondback is my preferred leash for going into stores or the mall or walking on busy sidewalks.


Hold the leash with the hoop wrapped around your wrist, and the long part of the leash running along your palm.


Then gently hold the long part of the leash with your hands, and let your wrist do all the controlling….it’s perfect!


Overall, we love the Top Braid Softie collar and Diamondback Braided leash.  The stunning color combos, custom designs, and handmade quality are striking and stand out wherever you go.  The Top Braid Softie’s hefty size make it a great choice for when you want to go out without a martingale or choker because it gives you more control.  The Diamondback Braided leash is a perfect choice for close quarters, crowded areas, or stores because the four foot version is a perfect length and the wrist strap keeps you in control at all times without straining your arm.  Awesome combo!!!


For a limited time, Dog Sports Designs is offering a 10% discount on the Top Braid Softie and/or Braided Diamondback if you use this code:  puppylove


Disclaimer:  We don’t receive compensation for our reviews and we only post positive reviews of products we love for our dog.  If we don’t like it, we don’t post it, but either way, we’re not paid to review products.

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