Dog Pedicure – Dremel Micro 8050 review

DOG PEDICURE just got easier

Before Sherlock, I didn’t know anything about dogs and the importance of appropriate nail length.  After talking to dog enthusiasts and research I’ve learned that dogs nails should not touch the ground.  Why?  Nails that touch the ground affect the dog’s posture.  The attached video has a good explanation if you have time to watch, but basically Dr. Leslie Woodcock, DVM says it’s similar to if a person were to have long nails and short shoes on that constantly jabbed the nails back into your nail beds, ouch.  If you have just a minute watch from 1.04 – 3.30 after that Dr. Leslie discusses how to cut/dremel and get your dogs nails shorter.

Mr. Wigglebutt receives weekly pedicures (pawdicures, haha!) with a hand held sander.  I always grind a little off the top (alternative cut line) to keep the quick receded and then tap the sides and front to take off a little length.  It’s important not to hold the dremel to the nail for more than a few seconds because it can heat up.  Once a dog’s nails are the appropriate length the dremel only takes a few minutes to grind off the nail growth from the week and smooth out the edges.  I like nails rounded, it’s a personal preference because I think they look nice that way.

how to cut dog nails
Here’s a diagram I found online that shows how to cut nails back
Dog pedicure drawing from Susan Garrett’s blog


Over the last year I’ve felt less than satisfied with our sanding equipment, but I hate to buy something we already have so I’ve been suffering along with our pet knock off of a Dremel.  Our original version was a corded, low powered, and very noisy sander.  It worked well enough so I hadn’t replaced it.

Below are a couple pictures of our old set up.


Old knock off Dremel, corded not very effective. Yes, we are in the garage and it does look like Sherlock’s legs are broken, he’s fine.


Sherlock in Counter conditioning Desensitizing training with the old file, he gets a little cheese for giving me his paw.

Well a couple months ago we had an whoopsy daisy (a few times), I dropped the sander and now the the power is spotty.

To the internet!  I always knew the replacement would be an actual Dremel.  After a couple years of using my knock off I knew I was going to look for – cordless and quiet.  FOUND IT!

Dremel Micro 8050
Dremel Micro 8050

Reviews on Dremel’s website give it an average of 3 stars.  Some complaints about the charging station and others about hefty project capabilities.  Although I’d love to find another use for this tool, it’s Sherlock’s pawdicure tool so I’m not concerned about being able to create jewelry or cut through plywood.


NEW Dremel 8050 and Organic String Cheese (Sherlock focusing on the piece of cheese in my hand rather than looking at my phone cracks me up, I need to get better at holding the treat in front of my camera.)


Break during filing for belly rubs.


post dog pedicure – no nails touching and no clicking when walking

My rating?  All paws up!  I would deem this a 5 star dog pedicure tool.  I wish I bit the bullet earlier because this is an example of the job is always easier with the correct equipment.


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored/paid post.  All posts and opinions are always my own.  I truly do get excited when I discover something that I love and am happy to share it with you.  Thank you for your visits and making Mr. Wigglebutt’s adventures a part of your day.


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2 thoughts on “Dog Pedicure – Dremel Micro 8050 review

  1. His nails look awesome! I keep aspiring to get Zara’s that short. Doing her nails with the Dremel has always been a process but we’ve had some improvement lately because I can now do them by myself. The job used to involve me, my husband, and a kong filled with peanut butter and my husband hated doing it. 🙂

    1. Thank you! The dremel was a process for us at first too, my husband refused to be involved. Sounds like you’ve made tons of progress. I think as long as the sessions are done in a positive way with yummie treats you’ll keep heading in the right direction. Now when I go to get the dremel Sherlock runs to the garage. He knows string cheese will be given out soon. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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