Mr Wigglebutt’s Super Bowl Predictions!

I’m not going to lie folks, I’m having a tough time picking a winner for tomorrow’s Super Bowl.  Luckily, we’ve got pro handicapper, Mr Wigglebutt, here to make my selections for me! Just in case our international Wigglebutt followers aren’t aware of what’s going on, Sunday is the biggest football game of the year, Super […]

Ask if a dog likes to be petted

Our dog trainer has told us about being mindful of dog body language.  I’m still learning and know I don’t always recognize body language or behavior of concern.  But, I’m a work in progress and appreciative of the advice and training Sherlock and I have received. Most of the time Sherlock is eager to be […]

Wigglebutt Wiggling

It’s Saturday morning.  We had a late night with a sleepover party post Middle School Dance.  Sherlock thinks last night and this morning are a special party to celebrate him and the weekend.  He hasn’t gotten the memo that it’s a Soccer Tournament weekend.  Since the games are on turf he isn’t welcome.  (Sad Emoji.) […]

Home Made Goodness….Sort Of

For the past several months, the wife has been bugging me about getting Sherlock some cuddly pouch thing that’s essentially a sleeping bag for your dog…that costs ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY EIGHT MOTHER SCRATCHING U.S. DOLLARS.  So, I’m sure you can imagine that, after the stabbing chest pains subsided, my answer to that dog item […]

Labor Day Dog Washing…..Wigglebutt Style

We’re back after a nice Labor Day break!  We had a great long weekend hanging out in our yard and part of that time was spent washing Sherlock’s filthy self.  Normally Sherlock gets his baths inside in the shower where he can be contained but this weekend was so nice, we decided to give him […]