Homemade Dog Biscuits

Homemade Dog Biscuits Yesterday’s Friends of Mr. Wigglebutt post Bruno (see post) and one from the past Wilbur (see post), both English Bulldogs belonging to my friend who has an amazing blog Kitchenconfidante. I wanted Sherlock to feel like he was a part of the action so, we baked Liren’s Dog Biscuits. First I asked […]

Birthday Cake for Dogs!

Birthday Cake For Dogs! Why?  Because it’s Sherlock’s Birthday, he’s 2!  When you see how easy it is to make a home made, organic birthday cake for  your dog you may start baking it every month because it’s that easy. I’ve posted before about cooking for Sherlock.  Like the title of a famous cookbook The […]

Gifts from Hawaii

Live rooster and chickens in the car rental parking lot.  Strange.  Probably the only gift I saw that Sherlock would truly love. I continued my shopping quest to find a gift for Sherlock. Duck?  Sherlock would love this.  But when I think Hawaii I don’t think ducks.  I passed on this treat.  Now if it […]

Sweet Potatoes!

We are back from our morning walk with Sherlock’s buddy Bo (see previous post about Sherlock’s BFF) and my dear friend Lisa. Actually, Sherlock picked up the stick Bo found when Bo dropped it to get a treat from me.  Sharing is caring. It’s a very windy fall day and I’m back for another cup […]