4th of July – USA, USA, USA!

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! 4th of July is a great day to celebrate.  Parades, bbqs, friends, family and FIREWORKS.  4th of July celebrations are designed for humans, not dogs (sad emoji.)  Many dogs are unaffected by the loud boom and crackles of fireworks.  But, if your dog isn’t a fan, please keep him in mind […]

Dog Pedicure – Dremel Micro 8050 review

DOG PEDICURE just got easier Before Sherlock, I didn’t know anything about dogs and the importance of appropriate nail length.  After talking to dog enthusiasts and research I’ve learned that dogs nails should not touch the ground.  Why?  Nails that touch the ground affect the dog’s posture.  The attached video has a good explanation if […]

Heatwave – protect those paws

Heatwave – Protect Those Paws! In California we’re living in a drought and have officially been hit with summer weather.  Dogs don’t sweat like people, they pant and sweat through their paws pads to cool down (as discussed on petmd.com  http://www.petmd.com/dog/behavior/evr_dg_why_do_dogs_pant.) Not only do dogs risk heat stroke, but their sweet paws (Sherlock’s smell like […]

Paw Cut

Paw Cut side note: the Feature Photo doesn’t have anything to do with Sherlock being injured.  But, the day after he cut his paw I headed up to Napa to pick up our wine shipment from Regusci.  My two favorite red pairings, wine and Mr. Wigglebutt. Last week Mr. Wigglebutt cut his paw on a […]

DIY Dog Puzzle

DIY Dog Puzzle Physical exercise is an obvious need dogs have, but did you know mental stimulation is just as important for Mr. Wigglebutt and friends?  Dogs are extremely smart animals and if they don’t have an outlet for the build up of mental or physical energy they can often have bad behaviors (anxiety, digging, […]