Big Sur for Dogs!

This past weekend we decided to get out of town and visit majestic Big Sur and we discovered to our surprise, it’s a great place for dogs! Big Sur has tons of state and national parks and, as such, has all kinds of dog regulations from leash only to no dogs allowed but if you […]

Christmas Trees and Dogs?

Christmas trees and Dogs It’s possible to have a Christmas Tree and a dog.  Last year was Mr. Wigglebutt’s first Christmas with us and his first tree.  He was great and didn’t bother it, bump the ornaments, nor pee on the tree.  Unfortunately, he did pee on his babysitter’s tree Thanksgiving weekend.  (sad emoji and […]

Wine Tasting With Your Dog!

Many people think us folks here about Mr. Wigglebutt only care about dogs, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Sure, we care about dogs a lot but we also care about other stuff, like drinking!  The folks at Mr. Wigglebutt like their whiskey and vodka and beers for sure, but there’s one thing […]

Fun Friday!

Fun Friday Kids are off of school and Grandma is in town. I took this opportunity to take Sherlock with us for an afternoon adventure.  Grandma knows we take Sherlock everywhere with us. Draeger’s Market for groceries and duck watching for Sherlock. And then wait a second…  DUCKS!     After a while I felt […]

Busy Weekend For Mr Wigglebutt!

We’re a family who believes in including our dog in just about every aspect of our lives.  Fortunately we live in a very dog friendly area so that means Sherlock gets to come with us pretty much everywhere.  This weekend was no exception. Saturday morning started off with a soccer match our daughter played in.  Sherlock […]