Playtime is Over, Its Dog Show Weekend!

Mr Wigglebutt is a fun loving dog who likes to run through the hills and lick faces.  However, a little known fact about Mr Wigglebutt is, he’s also a show dog with a few points to go for his championship title and that means when its dog show weekend, Sherlock is all about business. A […]

Mr Wigglebutt’s Super Bowl Predictions!

I’m not going to lie folks, I’m having a tough time picking a winner for tomorrow’s Super Bowl.  Luckily, we’ve got pro handicapper, Mr Wigglebutt, here to make my selections for me! Just in case our international Wigglebutt followers aren’t aware of what’s going on, Sunday is the biggest football game of the year, Super […]

Dogs Need a Home Post – Mr Wigglebutt Cares

Normally Mr. Wigglebutt is all about fun, but a good friend and big time animal lover asked me to post this in hopes of saving these two dogs. Dogs are located in the San Francisco Bay area and the owner will arrange transport if needed: ____________________________________________________________________ SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA AREA – URGENT PLACEMENT NEEDED BY […]

Airport Dog – Musing From The Road

I’m here at the airport and all of a sudden I see this little dog just holding court and getting all sorts of love.  No service jacket, no nothing.  What makes him so special that he can be out and about in the airport?  Why can’t Sherlock come on trips without all sorts of hoops? […]