X-Files Set your DVR’s! Tonight is night two of the X-Files! Did you see Fox Mulder kick the poster on the floor in Episode 1?  (Sad Emoji with a tear)   What does this mean for Mr. Wigglebutt?  Well, other than his family being together for him to cuddle with on the couch, not much. […]

Rain and Dogs – UGH!

Everyone knows rain and dogs just don’t mix.  However, when you’ve got a young, high energy dog like Mr. Wigglebutt…rainy days are a disaster. Even though Sherlock (Mr. Wigglebutt) gets miles of exercise every day and even got to go hunting this weekend, he turns into a whiny little turd when it rains and he […]

Homemade Dog Biscuits

Homemade Dog Biscuits Yesterday’s Friends of Mr. Wigglebutt post Bruno (see post) and one from the past Wilbur (see post), both English Bulldogs belonging to my friend who has an amazing blog Kitchenconfidante. I wanted Sherlock to feel like he was a part of the action so, we baked Liren’s Dog Biscuits. First I asked […]