Big Sur for Dogs!

This past weekend we decided to get out of town and visit majestic Big Sur and we discovered to our surprise, it’s a great place for dogs! Big Sur has tons of state and national parks and, as such, has all kinds of dog regulations from leash only to no dogs allowed but if you […]

Winter Dog Shows – I Had No Idea!

Winter Dog Shows This weekend was a Dog Show in Antioch, California.  Mr. Wigglebutt and crew received a crash course in Winter Dog Shows, freezing temperatures and the worst storm I’ve experienced since moving to Northern California.  I’m a proud Momager to say our Junior Handler and Sherlock took it like Champs.  Sherlock didn’t win […]

Birthday Cake for Dogs!

Birthday Cake For Dogs! Why?  Because it’s Sherlock’s Birthday, he’s 2!  When you see how easy it is to make a home made, organic birthday cake for  your dog you may start baking it every month because it’s that easy. I’ve posted before about cooking for Sherlock.  Like the title of a famous cookbook The […]

Christmas Trees and Dogs?

Christmas trees and Dogs It’s possible to have a Christmas Tree and a dog.  Last year was Mr. Wigglebutt’s first Christmas with us and his first tree.  He was great and didn’t bother it, bump the ornaments, nor pee on the tree.  Unfortunately, he did pee on his babysitter’s tree Thanksgiving weekend.  (sad emoji and […]