Fun Friday!

Fun Friday Kids are off of school and Grandma is in town. I took this opportunity to take Sherlock with us for an afternoon adventure.  Grandma knows we take Sherlock everywhere with us. Draeger’s Market for groceries and duck watching for Sherlock. And then wait a second…  DUCKS!     After a while I felt […]

Ask if a dog likes to be petted

Our dog trainer has told us about being mindful of dog body language.  I’m still learning and know I don’t always recognize body language or behavior of concern.  But, I’m a work in progress and appreciative of the advice and training Sherlock and I have received. Most of the time Sherlock is eager to be […]

Celebrating the Fall Season

We’re approaching Halloween.  I’m waiting for sweater weather, for both Sherlock and I.  So far, it’s been too hot (sad emoji).  This is a picture from last year because it hasn’t been cold enough for Sherlock to wear a sweater.  And, now I think of it… the skull and cross bones sweater may not fit […]

Appears I Spoke Too Soon!

Well, yesterday I reported with great sorrow that we took gas in the Jr Handler competition but at least we’d won a five point major the day before.  Turns out I spoke too soon because the kid bounced back and, when showing Sherlock in the afternoon, scored four more ribbons, and a four point major! […]

Show Day!

We’re at the Harvest Moon show and this thing is huge!  Very cool seeing all the dogs. Here at Mr Wigglebutt, we’re not just about the Vizslas, we like other dogs too.  Meet Dallas the Whippet.  She’s a sweet pooch and already a champion. From where the action is Please follow and like us:0