Laughter Is Good For Us

Cleaning my house is something I should be doing.  But, with little time left before the girls are out of school I decided playtime would be more fun than cleaning floors.   If you haven’t rolled around with your pup today.  I highly recommend it.  The house cleaning can wait for tomorrow.   Please follow […]

Wigglebutt Wiggling

It’s Saturday morning.  We had a late night with a sleepover party post Middle School Dance.  Sherlock thinks last night and this morning are a special party to celebrate him and the weekend.  He hasn’t gotten the memo that it’s a Soccer Tournament weekend.  Since the games are on turf he isn’t welcome.  (Sad Emoji.) […]

Home Made Goodness….Sort Of

For the past several months, the wife has been bugging me about getting Sherlock some cuddly pouch thing that’s essentially a sleeping bag for your dog…that costs ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY EIGHT MOTHER SCRATCHING U.S. DOLLARS.  So, I’m sure you can imagine that, after the stabbing chest pains subsided, my answer to that dog item […]


Our trainer has us working on nice walking on a leash.  I’ll admit, up until now I’ve pretty much failed at leash training.  Maybe not so bad that I’m being pulled up the street, but definite fail.  While Sherlock was on “no trail crazies” I decided to take the opportunity to leash train him. My […]

Taco Thursday

I LOVE chips and salsa.  Today I felt like having a taco for lunch.  Mr. Wigglebutt still has stiches and doesn’t fit inside his crate with his Cone of Shame.  Leaving him at home free and unsupervised isn’t something I’ve ever done nor am I ready to try.  He hasn’t destroyed anything in our house. […]

Life hack FAIL

Sherlock hates the Cone of Shame. The only instructions from the vet were to keep Sherlock’s paw dry, no swimming, no off leash shenanigans, and make sure he doesn’t rip out his sutures.  I thought I was a genius to wrap his paw in kid socks and sports tape and ditch the cone of shame. […]

North Shore Goodies

  2 ingredients.  Peanuts and Coconut.  I love North Shore Goodies and decided to share a little of my Coconut Peanutbutter toast with Mr. Wigglebutt.  You can see he loves it as much as I do.  We’re going to hide the jar from the rest of the family.  If you want to bring the Islands […]

OTIS, a friend of Mr. Wigglebutt

Meet Otis.  He’s a gentle giant that was skinny with a meat head that was rescued by my good, animal loving friends Jennifer and her daughter Kendal.  Originally, Jennifer and Kendal were a boxer family.   Then Fiona joined their family.  I think it was originally was supposed to be temporary.  I’m pretty sure that […]

I Do Not Like the Cone of Shame

  Poor Mr. Wigglebutt.  This week while giving Mr. Wigglebutt his weekly pedicure I discovered a lump on his paw, on the webbing between his pads. Ofcourse, I freaked out and immediately made him a vet appointment to have it checked out. I thought it maybe a foxtail.  If you’re not familiar with these nasty […]