Soccer fan

Saturday was my daughter’s first league soccer game.  I was relieved to have an 8:30 game scheduled because we’ve been in the triple digits.  SURPRISE, it rained.  Really it shouldn’t have been a surprise since I did the rain dance on Friday by getting my car washed for the first time in months.  I was […]


It’s still blazing hot and foolishly I had a second cup of coffee rather than head out with Sherlock when the kids left for school.  We barely got in a couple of miles and Mr. Wigglebutt decided it was time to head home. I can’t remember the last time my car was washed.  Living in […]

You know it’s hot when…

Mr. Wigglebutt lays on the tile. Mr. Wigglebutt prefers plush, soft surfaces.  Today Mr. Wigglebutt patiently waited for me to return from spin class.  Even though it was heating up outside I couldn’t deny him of a little run.  Mr. Wigglebutt is now hot. I wonder how long he’ll lay on the kitchen floor. Good […]

TREATS! Today is ALL about Mr. Wigglebutt

I CAN’T TAKE IT!  It’s still National Dog Day.  Mr. Wigglebutt loves treats.  To keep the party going we baked Peanut Butter cookies.  I love this recipe because it’s EASY and only 3 ingredients. Organic Natural (Made in the USA, with Valencia Nuts) Peanut Butter (I share peanut butter with Mr. Wigglebutt) Organic Coconut flour Organic, […]


NATIONAL DOG DAY   I really don’t need an excuse; however, it is National Dog Day so we’re celebrating. Mr. Wigglebutt doesn’t like to be in the backyard by himself.  So, to kick off our celebration of National Dog Day I spend the first part of the day in the backyard.   Now a little […]


When I was a young lad, there was a small park near my grandparents house in San Francisco that my grandfather always referred to as ‘Dog Shit Park’ because people would take their dogs there and just let them shit all over the place and not pick it up.    As a side note, I […]

They Have Become One

They have Become One There’s an old Hungarian saying about Vizslas that goes:  “If you own a Vizsla, it lives on top of your head”.  Vizslas are also known as “The Velcro dog” because they are literally everywhere their owner is and pretty much need to be touching them at all times.  Well, Leslie and […]

Saturday morning cuddles

At night Mr. Wigglebutt sleeps in his crate.  I prefer him to sleep in bed with me, but I’ve been told that it’s good for us to be separated for a few hours a day.  Hogwash.  Anyhoo, Saturday mornings I love to let him out of his crate, get a slobbery face wash, and cuddle.  […]

Dehydrated Dog Treats for Mr. Wigglebutt

Don’t we all love treats?  I love the idea of giving Sherlock healthy, organic, treats that don’t have strange stuff added or are manufactured in China.  Pictured above from top left – green beans, sweet potatoes, bananas, strawberries, and apples.  His favorite are the sweet potatoes.  I’ve sent a few care packages out to his […]

Who Is That Masked Dog???

One of the most common health and safety concerns for dogs (especially in dry climates like California) this time of year are dreaded foxtails.  According to my internet machine, foxtails are a common meadow grass that has soft brushlike flowering spikes.  According to Sherlock (aka Mr Wigglebutt), foxtails are a royal pain in the ass! If […]