Loved you in Flashdance honey but you can’t just go around leaving your dog in a car all willy nilly. It’s freaking summertime and even though it’s in Canada, that crap does not fly! Jennifer Beals, you may be just a steel town girl on a Saturday night but that gives you no right to […]

Hot like FIRE!

HOT LIKE FIRE Summer is here.  Unfortunately, so are summer fires. I’m making it a point to get Mr. Wigglebutt out bright and early.  With it being summer, the pavement (see Heatwave post) is hot and if there’s a fire – the air is bad for our lungs Even though we try to get out by […]

Shame On You San Francisco

Jerry Garcia amphitheater MacLaren Park in San Francisco is not dog friendly.  So basically in a place where you can light up a massive fatty out in thw open, you can’t let your dog off leash.  The Deadheads should unite and change this. From where the action is Please follow and like us:0

Momma – I’ll save you! Bird Fear

Bird Fear – me not Sherlock I don’t think Mr. Wigglebutt really knows that I’m scared of birds. We had a bird suicide crash into a back window.  Shocking because we desperately need our windows cleaned.  My fear of feathers was momentarily on hold.  I was actually afraid of Mr. Wigglebutt getting outside and playing […]

Seeing Double?

This photo is CH Red Diamond Gypsy Pizzazz JH – Django Red Diamond Vizslas (Mr. Wigglebutt’s pops) and Mr. Wigglebutt (6months old) in 2014 at the Vizsla Club of America Nationals. Sunday night when the Editor in Chief (Jonathan) came home from Vegas we were all fighting over snuggle time with Mr. Wigglebutt.  2 weeks […]

Reunited and it feels so good.

Sunday was a big day for Mr. Wigglebutt and me. REUNITED! 2 weeks away from each other. Clearly he was as happy to see me as I was him. After leaving the ranch, we hit the highway and Mr. Wigglebutt and my girls wanted to do a little shopping. Bingo – Nordstrom Rack. I figured since Nordstrom the regular store greets Mr. Wigglebutt with open arms the rack would too. And, yes they did.

Bird Alert!

This is Chew Chow, my niece’s bird.   Photo by my niece.  Cage door was open, so I stayed downstairs.  He could have escaped and pecked my eyes out. Chew Chow is a 2 year old, pretty, parakeet.  His poops are referred to as Chewchies.  He was weened too early from his momma, so my […]

Dog Friendly ALERT!

There’s a new Philz Coffee right on Market Street in San Francisco and they want you and your dog.  Screw Starbucks, go to Philz, get a cup of coffee that doesn’t taste like a tire fire, and bring your dog with pride.  Nice job Philz! From where the action is Please follow and like us:0