Home Made Mr. Wigglebutt Sweet Potato chips

Home Made Dehydrated Dog Treats – Is it worth the work?

Mr. Wigglebutt Sweet Potato Chips

I know Sherlock loves them and I like to give him healthy snacks.  The store bought treats and dog food I purchase are always made in the USA.  Definitely nothing made in China.

I have posted about making dehydrated dog treats before, but I didn’t really do the math to see if I was saving money, or merely doing something I enjoyed for Sherlock.  (See Previous post – includes strawberries, green beans, apples, and bananas.)

So, here we go…

Tonight I bought two Sweet Potatoes (unfortunately, Sprouts a local market didn’t have Organic Sweet Potatoes, so these are regular.)

2.02 lb @ $1.49/lb = $3.01 total cost for Sweet Potatoes

16 oz in 1 lb

2.02 lb x 16 oz = 32.32 oz of Sweet Potatoes

PreDehydrating this is working out to $.093/oz.  I’ll weigh the final product for final numbers.

The I and Love and You Grater Taters I was eyeing at Sprouts was $7.99/5oz.  Usually I buy treats at Pet Food Express, I’ll have to check their prices the next time I’m there.  I know Chewy.com sells them for $5.99/5oz

I and love and you Key Benefits of their Grater Tater Grain Free Dog Treats –

  • One ingredient
  • Grain and gluten-free
  • No corn, wheat, soy or rice
  • Great for training
  • Gentle on the tummy
  • Supports dental health
  • Made in the USA


My dog treats must have the same benefits, definitely one ingredient and made in the USA!

Sweet Potatoes Washed and dried.

Thinly sliced, placed on a wire rack over a cookie sheet


I found last time that the food dehydrates more evenly if it’s elevated on a wire rack.


Two trays loaded up in the oven ready to dehydrate.
Two trays loaded up in the oven ready to dehydrate.

Oven set to Dehydrate 140*.  If you don’t have a dehydrate setting on your oven or your oven temperature doesn’t go that low you can set your oven to 150* on bake or preferably on Convection Bake.  Now that the Sweet Potatoes are in the oven you can forget about it overnight.  I left them in for just over 12 hours, some of my cuts were a little thick, I still haven’t purchased myself a new mandolin for even slicing.

Mr. Wigglebutt Dehydrated Sweet Potatoes
Mr. Wigglebutt Dehydrated Sweet Potatoes

Now Mr. Wigglebutt has his own stash of Sweet Potato chips, healthy, one ingredient, dehydrated not fried.  They’re yummie but I won’t lie, I’d prefer them with some sea salt if they were for me.

I and love and you Grater Taters are $1.20 per oz from Chewy.com

Mr. Wigglebutt DIY Home made Sweet Potato treats cost $3.01 / 6.25 oz (final weight of dehydrated sweet potatoes) = $0.48 per oz.

$1.20 per oz VS $0.48 per oz


Crunchy Sweet Potato treats
Crunchy Sweet Potato treats

Sherlock gives it TWO PAWS UP!

Now, you need to decide is it worth your time?  I enjoy making these, but wouldn’t hesitate to buy the I and love and you Grater Taters in the future.  Sometimes you don’t have the time.


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